A new arrival | Bristol Lifestyle Photographer

Friday the 13th is often thought of as being a particularly bad day where things often go wrong however Friday the 13th of January will forever be a good day as this was the day we had a new arrival and welcomed Nathaniel Louie to the world, Seba is now a big brother!We've always been quite particular about the names, I guess with Lea being a teacher it's pretty easy to associate certain names to pupils past and present so I think we probably over think them.  Sebastian (Seba) came about from liking the nickname given to an ex Manchester United footballer.  Nathaniel Louie has come about not so much from it's meaning - 'Gift of God' or that I think he might take after me being 'God's gift'!! but a liking of the name and it's shortened version Nate. Louie is pure and simple from Lea's liking of the the jungle book and King Louie.So there you go, that's the names and allowed abbreviations sorted out you can enjoyed the pictures! I'm sure there will be a few more from time to time but feel free to say hello to Nate! 

I have a little feeling that Nate was getting a little fed up of the hats at this point, I did promise him there would only be one more and this was his reaction!

The doting big brother.

And here's the boys and me!

They look pretty innocent here but I'm sure in years to come they'll be keeping us on our toes!