This is the tricky bit where I have to tell you a bit about me.I'm a married thirtysomething (I'm holding on for as long as I can) dad of two boys.  I left the safety blanket of my family home in North Wales many years ago to move to Bristol with my now wife Lea.Martin Pemberton Photography (2)We have two boisterous wonderful sons that keep us on our toes and mean that each day is definitely varied.Martin Pemberton Photography (4)Growing up my father always had a camera and we'd often been entertained by a slideshow following family holidays so I guess having a keen like for a camera didn't really come as a surprise.  As I'm sat typing this i can see a photography trophy I won from a competition many, many years ago in Youth Club.  Does that mean I can add 'award winning photographer' to my website?! When I chat with people who I'm going to be photographing I quite often hear about how they don't like having their photograph taken, I can fully relate to that but just to show it's nothing to be scared of I think I'll just leave this here.......Martin Pemberton Photography (5)